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What People Want in Fuel Efficiency

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What People Want in Fuel Efficiency..

Every time we fuel up our cars, we wish that they used less fuel. While there are new hybrid vehicles powered by hydrogen and electric making their way into the market every day, the regular car is not overly fuel efficient. Hybrid vehicles are great for the environment and excellent for city driving, which is why many limousine hire companies are fitting out their corporate hire fleets with these new technologies.

But why aren't the average vehicles more fuel efficient; the luxury Jaguars or the classic Bentleys? Basically because the big manufacturers know that right now the market is not ready to get behind this next step, to the volume that they would need to survive the switch. If consumers decided that fuel economy was their number one priority, vehicle manufacturers could get you these cars within a year.

However, while we may say that it is fuel economy we value over everything else, do you really want to give up that extra legroom, the inbuilt satellite navigation, your elaborate climate control, not to mention all the computers your car has to control everything from the automatic dimming on your headlights and the automated activation of your windscreen wipers, to the cruise control adjustments and the massaging seat warmers. No, we didn't think so.

However, in reality, mass produced vehicles which can achieve 50 miles per gallon are at least three years away because the technology is already there, it is just making sure that the end product is still in demand. This is because in making cars more fuel efficient, drivers and fleet buyers are going to have to give up something, be it cost, drive quality or safety.

The best way to reduce a car's fuel consumption is to make it smaller, lighter and equip it with some sort of high tech propulsion system and limo hire company fleets, let alone the average car buyer, are not going to benefit from any of these things right now.

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