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Whats in a Name..

Ever since Juliet uttered those fateful words in one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, we have all wondered what really is in a name; and then, more often than not, gone off to buy those brand name shoes we saw on the weekend with the cash we keep in our designer purse, driving in our car with the most exclusive manufacturers badge displayed proudly on the front, the back, the steering wheel, the seat covers and the floor mats.

Most people can't help judging products, and unfortunately often people, by their name and their brands. It is human nature to want the best there is, and it's even more important when the best is better than what everyone else has too. Limo hire company operators know this and they see it all the time in the choices people make for their limousine hire.

The high end brand limousines such as Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar or Bentley are more expensive for the limo hire companies to buy because of their exclusivity, and are also often more expensive to maintain and repair because of the need to get genuine parts, often shipped in from Europe. Therefore, these high end limousines are hired out at a higher cost to the limousines such as the Ford Flex, Explorer or Territory limos.

When hiring a limousine you are hiring it because of its style, class, sophistication and the feeling you get when you ride in it, that you could be a celebrity, if just for one night. For many people part of that image comes from the badge they see glinting off the front of the limousine as it waits by the curb and so, when hiring a limousine they will seek out the limo in the fleet with the badge which suits their perceptions of luxury and style.

However, the Ford limousines are often just as big, glamorous, stylish and have just as many accessories as their cousins in the high end luxury category, but are not nearly as coveted. The more standard brand limousines are also going to be cheaper to hire and if you are looking for an affordable limousine to hire, and don't care what badge greets you, there are ways you can save a little cash and splurge on the wine at dinner.

For more information about hiring an affordable limousine with all of the luxury and style you are looking for, contact Limo Broker now.

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